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Every one believes in a thing or two and could explain (by whatever means necessary) why he or she is bound to such beliefs. Scientists have basis, while philosophers use abstract reasoning. It is in these that we are conceptualizing beings capable of creating and manifesting what we believe in. Scientists utilize physics while philosophers make use of metaphysics.

While it is best to fortify our truths surrounding a belief, it is best to understand the contradictory reasons and strengthen our bases. We have come to a questioning society that instead of validating what we believe in, coach the other side to defend its bases aggressively. What point would it make to question out loud when we should be silently doing this? A person will not be able to acquire self-learning and understanding if he is not rid of negative residue from the superficial self. Instead, we end up contradictory to what we aspire for; that is, answers.


It is a noisy world we now have. With the advent of fast-paced and ever-changing technology, one’s innate being is on the brink of its existence. Being civil and proper are qualities that are close to extinction since we are overcome by all things shiny, colorful and splendid-looking that manifests itself in various forms of distractions. How do our young fare? Have their vocabulary broadened scholastically or morphed into a hill-billy trend? How do they gather facts? Through search portals that anyone can contribute based on what they think should be written without succinct basis supported by definitive research? How do they express themselves? With statements that disregard proper elocution and form of speech (i.e, more often than not, in a interrogative tone when in fact the person was stating a declarative one) and through acronyms that would leave those who could not understand such foolishness as stupid and left out.


Watch the movie IDOCRACY by Mike Judge; worth recommending and watching as well. This movie is entertaining and self-criticizing as well of ourselves and of what worse future is in store for our children’s children if we continue to with our selfish ways.





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Strange Memories

A clairvoyant. A mystic These are splendid gifts one could have but at the same time a curse.

Years ago, I was dazzled by such when I went through severe leg cramps during my childhood. She would look at me and for a very unexplainable reason, it was as if I was under her spell; I could not look away from her gaze and felt partly paralyzed. I cannot explain the gush of magic since I was neither afraid nor wary.

She was our relatives’  household helper. My aunt would tell me stories of how she would succumb to a long sleep that would last for days without waking up for food and water. They would not dare wake her up as she was in the process of recharging her inner energies for a mission. She was their ‘arbularyo” or quack doctor when medical science cannot transgress some ailments. I would believe that she could read my mind and hear my thoughts. My mother would bring me to our relatives’ place so that Ofelia can help ease my leg cramps that was getting worse. She has a Mona Lisa expression that is neither poker nor colorful. She looked ordinary; around her 50s (then), small-framed, dusky-complexioned and thin with very long locks that she kept in a loose pony tail. She massaged my legs and with the last time we saw each other, gave me a big jar-full of one peso coins to which she instructed me to spend a peso ever day and I would get well. I could not recall if I was able to dutifully spend every peso in the jar (with my mother’s assistance) after but I did not experience any leg cramps after.

Years have passed and I was in my early 20s. One time, my brother and I accompanied my aunt to my relatives’ house; the same house I visited when I was a child. We went there for a small family reunion. My grandaunt had aged wearily and my aunts were old as well.

However, what surprised me most was the petite, dusky lady who looked exactly the same of more than a decade ago. It was as if she was plucked from a memory; she barely changed. Ofelia sat from afar and like a ghost, silently, motionless and measurably looked still at me as if deciphering my conceived fragments of time and memory over the years. I pretended not to notice her but her gaze overcame me. I slowly looked at her and tried my best to be fine and composed. In her calm yet resounding tone of voice she spoke to me in vernacular, “hindi ba ikaw yung batang english-speaking dati?” (were you that english-speaking child sometime ago?) I nodded. She continued to verify that my mother passed away a long time ago and then told me with such reserve and courage that I ought to be strong because I am strong. She spoke in fragments also telling me in a slow but well-thought manner some things of my worth that I hold on to. She spoke in riddles yet I knew that, now, these things manifested itself the way she unraveled them to me on that reunion.

Fast-forward to 2008. We held a family get together outing at my grandaunt’s place, this time in their sprawling farm. I saw my relatives but sadly, did not get a glimpse of Ofelia. An aunt of mine told me that she was still around; looks the same as she was the last time I saw her but at that time she went home to her province to continue some “mission”.

I did not know if I wanted to see her or talk to her. Her stare was something very extraordinary that keeping a normal conversation was futile. She was not demeaning; she has a muted expression always on her face and gave advice when she thought it was worthy and timing. I would wish to wonder what it was like to be her but then again, I would not want to dissect and rationalize her. It is best not to touch her butterfly wings and unwrap the magic she has after all. Whatever spell she has, my memories of her are part of who I am and what I believe this world to be.

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An avalanche of thoughts come and go. Some are candid but interestingly worth remembering. It is just unfortunate that I tend to get caught in sudden life mishaps, a.k.a, distractions that it is only rare that I acquire the chance to contemplate on the lucky handful I get.

If you wake up one day and no one in the world believes you, go back to bed.

My body can repair itself just as it has the choice to decide on what kind of happiness and contentment it wants to have.

I smile at all the wonderful things going on in my life, whether good or bad because both comprise my existence.

I choose to be happy.


I was teaching my kid on the computer one day about the atmosphere and the layers that it consists of. While browsing for a short, creative yet comprehensive video lecture on this, I came across a video from BBC; a short documentary-cum-lecture on the layers of the atmosphere. It fascinates me to learn the topic as the commentator did subject himself to flying at various heights and super sonic speed to point out which layer is which. However, he went only as far as the further layer of the stratosphere. Amid the blue skies was  black or a bluish-black sky that may seem to be outer space but not yet. He was ecstatic, admiring the beauty and stillness of the infinite above.

The documentary continued to narrate that sometime in the 60s, a pilot, supervised by the NASA, went as far as the mesosphere through a giant hot air balloon designed for the mission. He went way beyond the stratosphere and entered the mesosphere which he described as consisting of very thin air. But strangest thing that happened was when the pilot went for a free fall from the hot air balloon he was in and plummeted back to the earth’s surface. He was able to maneuver himself back safe to land yet what he described seemed to be a spectacular observation as well to me.

The pilot described the thin air that got thinner as he went going up but while he was taking the dive back to the surface, he felt nothing; his garments were not rippling, neither was his skin. It was eerie as he was not hearing anything like the gush of air through his ears. It was only after that he thought that afar, the earth just seemed to be a very small place in this universe. His thoughts were the same as mine as I watched.

I felt as if I were up on that mission; suddenly, the noise and confusion around me where vacuumed afar. I just thought how great it would have been to be on that flight, that such few seconds of oblivion would be a realization of our world and our existence as well that will last for a lifetime. I feel envious of that pilot but at the same time, for sure he shares this experience not for some earth science or quantum physics; he would as much want us to be up there for that few life-changing seconds to momentarily pull us away from the many things we envisioned but in the end only fell captive for if only to put us in a realization that most of the objectives we have set are miniscule in nature.


The dishes that need to be done; the people we need to take care of; the money that has to be earned. These are only a miniscule of our existence. We don’t have any one to blame for these, not even oneself. The human body may be mere physical matter but the spirit that drives the organs inside to function is eternal. Our state of consciousness lie on everything superficial as it parallels itself to old skin that being the upper layer crusts off to give in to a new one. It then levels on things temporary, matters that are ethereal. Majority of us are in a state of consciousness that do not induce a puncture to shake up the entire system. It is something we are used to, thus take refuge in its humdrum cycle. Everything in it is superficial; the problems, the successes, the surge of happiness, the illness, the embarrassment, the should and should not’s, the will and will not’s, the everything and nothing’s,…its existence are merely temporary and will soon fade.


When one talks, he hears himself aside from the surroundings he is superficially aware of that sometimes he finds as amusing, then fascinating. One gets lost easily, discovering more “me” than “I”. An acquaintance once posted a strange but true quote on her social network page that we need more listeners than speakers. It may be effectively as simple as listening to people and learning from them but could have a deeper meaning of listening to oneself within and acknowledging the existence of the surroundings. For it is in listening that one can seek the answers just as a simple classroom lecture routine is.


The last free men of the world.

At the turn of the decade, a group of environmentalists discovered a small community in the middle of the deep Amazon forest. The small group were seemingly perplexed and on a defensive stance when the helicopter carrying the environmentalists hurled its way on a remote distance enough to get zoomed images of the community. A representative of the group told reporters that it was enough that only a few people knew where they lived so as not to violate or desecrate their existence. They were perceived to have scant or no knowledge of the world the goes beyond the jungle and Amazon rivers. They also feared that the discovery of their location by capitalists through illegal loggers and miners might as well be the beginning of the community’s end.

Yes, the caption bearing the word “free” is true. They are free from taxes, capitalist ideas, society’s compulsion for them to be like every one else: zombies. From our end, one can take pity at their plight, having no knowledge of the comforts of technology or of technological advances in machines that would make life easier and convenient. But in all actuality, is that just so? Or should it be added that they are not aware that information can be easily grasped in a matter of seconds; that what is happening right now in 8 major cities around the world is possible to be known by an individual? Better yet, they are the last to know the popularity of so and so and the brawl between blank and blah. With our fast paced and ever-changing civilization, what is there to know and be aware of, really?

Possibilities are limitless; and we should permit ourselves to accept this.

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Baaad Taste

bad taste

Dear Inquirer,

Your people have fathers too. If this was done to your fathers how would you have felt? It is obvious and a fact that this person, Mr. Demetrio Vicente suffered and survived a stroke. Why the montage? Why the blow-up of pictures? What’s the point anyway of “the many faces…” ? Have you never thought of the implications of your actions? Saying that these were the only pictures that you had is a lame excuse. Everyone has a choice especially you in print media who has the heavier responsibility of publishing non-biased judgments and news.

Yes, I agree that he is no ordinary witness. He is not ordinary since he is not a typical government official or worker. He is not ordinary because he is some Juan Dela Cruz. Obviously, you have pointed out to us what your stand is on the impeachment trial. What happened to your duty and responsibility of being the bearer of news?

Thanks to you, sirs. It’s not fun in the Philippines with Yellow Journalism at its best.



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When I grow up…

i want to be happy when i grow up :)

enough said.

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Me and Myself without I

just us two-face(d) folks

The hours we pass with happy prospects in view are more pleasing than those crowded with fruition.

-Oliver Goldsmith

In this mundane world where we are judged by the friends we keep, the work we have, the income we generate, the gadgets we have, the clothes we wear, the places we have been to, the songs we listen to, our religious beliefs and political stance, it is hard to believe that we are merely living on a rock floating through space.

Everyone has two sides of a face; one resisting change and the other arrested and submissive to change. Me, is always who we present ourselves to others. Myself, is who we are to ourselves alone when no one is around. Everyday is a constant struggle with both always bearing in mind the objective of reconciling inconsistencies. Me would always tell people what would be pleasing to oneself or how it could blend with the whole group. Myself judges Me’s actions at the end of the day or at every silent chance it gets and metes out a judgment that will define Me for the sake of improving oneself. Myself, quietly ensures that Me passes society’s judgment and at the same time aspire for the sublime self.

But at the end of all this confusion is the “I” who seems to be lost in all these humdrum scenarios. Me and Myself are indifferent to “I” because it is the raw and nakedness of both. “I” has existed long before society has become itself. “I” has been long shelved in the dark for unknown fears of Myself and Me. “I” would have been judged by both as socially unacceptable. But perhaps, it can be argued that it would just be Myself and Me’s way of protecting “I” from the harshness of what everything has as it has been presented for what it is.

The foolishness of both has got themselves blind and trapped by a prison they themselves have made. The only contradictions that should exist are biological and physiological in nature. We humans are biologically adaptive to these changes and it is ironic how we irrationally create scenarios and human conditions, that should have not existed at all, that we continue to struggle against up to this day.

“I” silently and patiently waits for both to acknowledge and accept its existence. Unfortunately, reaching out to “I” requires deep and delicate understanding that has been blurred by the shallowness made. “I” bring out the truth and reason of our existence. Me and Myself, having accepted fear, wishes not to be stripped of the mundane.

It is only after both have opened their eyes and understood will they be able to finally accept “I” into existence.

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Dilemma in denouement

As liberty and intelligence have increased the people have more and more revolted against the theological dogmas that contradict common sense and wound the tenderest sensibilities of the soul.

-Catharine Beecher

Why is it so, that the quality of education we have as a nation has dipped very low that we are close to a de-evolution towards the caveman civilization? Is not it that with the advent of technology, we are bound to be more improved, civilized and content individuals geared towards development and social consciousness?

Take for instance the cellular phone; isn’t this a life-saver if not a convenient tool that makes more complacent our daily lives being abreast about news and events that affect us, be it personal or otherwise? Convenience perhaps has taken itself too far in improving us as individuals. Instead, it has opened an avenue for illicit use of the human intellect and rendered ourselves physically indolent. We have resorted to exercising our fingertips and hands more than its usage when writing in script for, say, taking notes in school or writing a dear friend. We have lost the colorful and sensible expressions both body and mind. The emergence of “text-speak” and “jeje-mon” has corrupted the minds of the emerging youth and do contribute highly to irrational opinions that are mostly expressed with “urhmm,…pwarwang,…sohbrwang,…mhedjioe” and the irritating “gah-nun!, basta yun, yon oh!”. On the delusional attempt to reconcile it with the pop-culture counterpart of the US of A, it’s amusing (but not funny still) that words such as “whatever!, Ayt! (short for alright), Epic Fail, shet or sh-ee-t,” and many more are adapted much to the disdain of the name of civilization.

Yes, could we go write on paper hastily without using “text-speak”? Some could, and not to my surprise, some just couldn’t. Spelling contests should be more prevalent in schools side-by-side Reading and Language.

Many might be surprised to know that a superpower nation that the United States of America is, is not that mighty and superior over the English language as well. The


The emergence of high technology such as the ThinkPad and IPad have made more lazybones out of us. It’s funny that we still have Penmanship as a discipline but as children might ask, “how and when do we apply this in life?”

More than half a century ago, we mistook technology for ally development with the invention of deadly arms and missiles. Our senses were heightened again from the short-stint comforts of the triumph and weariness of World Wars only to find ourselves in another dilemma.

Fast-forward to the present; we are enjoying the life in peace-time but we are not aware of the emergence of another struggle: rationale and sensibilities.

One need not look further. Every where we look, the struggle has left a unique and deceiving imprint to the hapless youth. Pop culture is in the danger of being defined as a factual way of life. The songs we hear on audio devices are just about…nothing unusual; or even if it were unusual, it was just riding on the tide of being normally different just for the spur of the moment. Books are not meant to be read; they are meant to be interpreted by famous artists (who get most of the credit leaving the author an insignificant schmuck). We emulate what the movie screen shows us and what was meant to be a momentary escape has been digested into real life. Sadly, only the poorest of the poor or the underprivileged are the few ones left to deal with the solitude of reality that most have believed in and undertaken.

I do not suggest that we throw technology out of the window; not opting to use the charcoal-ed engined iron or oven. The mind works rationally when the body is challenged, which does not apply when we are stationary albeit working on a “bad-ass” novel that one thinks would blow the life out of everyone.

We cannot dispute the fact that three-fourths of the population are deprived of social justice (this includes education). They may have the means to be sent to educational institutions, just that these do not serve information that is of utmost importance such as probing skills and molding the individual to have common sense. These two, probing skills and common sense are necessary steps to be socially aware of one’s existence and contribute to positive development in all aspects of the nation. We could not endlessly blame officials for undermining their subordinates and consequently commit senseless blunders to the people they are answerable for. It all starts in a proper conversation; a dialogue between someone who wants to pass objective and sensible yet rational ideas for progress.

It is true that on one end, some will argue that we have biological needs such as hunger, need for shelter and human dignity and this is where and what we have lost since the advent of the post-war years: sensitivity. We generally believe that everything our parents have worked for has finally paid off that we don’t have to improve on anything thus making a wreck of what they have given us.

This generation has the comforts of everything. But the past generation is not responsible for this generation’s lack of ability to use their brains and respecting their self-hood. The Blame Culture we have points to news makers and shows that undermine our intellect. As we progressed in history, we have opened our arms to accept the troubled yet taboo culture in the hope of taking away or toning down the destructive aspect it delivers. And sadly, we have been too liberal that society has in turn suffered the confusion of sincerity and sarcasm.

As we progress (or digress), it is a possibility that we may find ourselves turning against us.

It might be time to accept what has been happening and think for the real good of our own.

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Just That Itch

What the hell are you doing to your life?

This article spells much of everything our race is and none of what we should be proud of: nonsense. I cannot help but repost this article on my blog.


Filipinos have started counting the cost of a 26-year swindle
March 4, 2012
By: Benign0

As we start a week of no trial sessions and face the prospect of several days of separation anxiety over not seeing our favourite characters in the on-going drama of Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment, it may be worth looking back and getting a sanity check on what really got us to this point. We are here because we as a people do not think. Thinking is an immense challenge in Philippine society — because Filipinos are not raised to think, not encouraged to think, and not expected to think.


The low bar applied in the way Filipinos regard one another is evident at the very threads that weave the fabric of Philippine society. The most obvious and most currently-relevant example is in the way the impeachment complaint against Corona was initiated and pushed to the corner we see it languishing in today. It was sloppily-written (“pwede na yan”) and given the go signal by 188 chumps many of whom hadn’t taken the time to study it carefully (“bahala na”). The manner with which it was conceived alone already made the artifact that they call the “Articles of Impeachment” by itself an insult to the intelligence of educated Filipinos. So long before Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago first came up to the podium and called out “Spade!”, the prosecution team of this trial had already delivered their indictment — not of Corona but of the Filipino people. Quite obviously back then the prosecution team had already decided that Filipinos are idiots — gago. Indeed, only the underlying assumption that Filipinos are idiots could’ve possibly given the the prosecution team the foundational confidence to rally behind such an obviously flawed campaign in the manner with which they did.

So Senator Santiago called the prosecution team “gago in the last session of the trial on the 29th February 2012. Predictably in a society long renowned for being populated by an onion-skinned people, Santiago drew the ire of the multitude of the personally-offended.

But if we step back from the quaint sense of personal offense that traces its roots from within the depths of our uniquely-fragile national ego, we will find that Senator Santiago was actually giving back to the prosecution team tit-for-tat. The prosecution team, after all, started it. In the vernacular, ginago nila ang mga Pilipino. They had built an entire campaign to oust Corona on the simple assumption that Filipinos will simply lap it all up — like idiots. And as such, they did not bother to do a good job — perpetuating much of the same way that Filipinos every day and in every aspect of their lives get substandard products, substandard services, and substandard leaders, simply because those who supply and sell them can.

When will this cycle of banal mediocrity end? It will end when we step up and assert our right to be given superior products. Senator Miriam Santiago did that for us over the course of the impeachment trial by being the loud and annoying voice of what intelligent consumers should be. We are, after all, ultimately the ones paying for this big circus. We have so far seen most of our Senator-Judges, the Senate President himself, and much of the way the defense team had behaved and played their role measure up to the cost of this spectacle. Only the prosecution and, by extension, the powers in Malacañang that have now desperately come out swinging have proven to be the ones selling us short — even swindling us.

It is ironic that for 26 years, the notion of the “power” of the “people” was held hostage by a clique of feudal lords out to protect their family jewels from the very “people” they habitually wax poetic about. Filipinos are only now beginning to understand how much had already been swindled out of them — kung gaanong kalaki ang halaga na ginago sa kanila. Better late than never. Senator Miriam Santiago has so far been hugely instrumental in getting that effort of accounting started for us. Perhaps Hacienda Luisita is really not that unreasonable an item to include in our growing ledger of receivables.

[Photo courtesy]


Seems that the wolves got into sheep clothing and made an entire fool out of us. Sadly, we are suffering the consequences of our actions.

What else could I say? I just don’t know why and how the mindless rational it was to get to where we are now. Geez!

All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher.
-Ambrose Bierce


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Congratulations! :)


The 2011 Bar results are out as of 2pm yesterday, February 29. This marks a radical change on two grounds: the change of venue to the University of Santo Tomas in Espana, Manila from La Salle Taft and the type of assessment in the exams: multiple choice.

Advantages? On hindsight one would say that luck can only define the success of the exam taker. In my field, we were told that if we were uncertain or never knew the answer at all, shade B or C. However, I am pretty sure that the test construction is not so easy as well; that is, the choices are closely related to each other and it would take knowledge, logic and chance to finally decide the answer.

Compared to the essay-type of exam, one who not have to factor in the demeanor or state of mind (?) of the test checker and worry about one’s “legible” penmanship aside from worrying if the question has been answered in a complete and direct-manner, avoiding long-winded responses.

Disadvantages? Oh yeah, what are the chances of a very lucky individual: one who happens to be of mediocre kind and emerges as a topnotcher? It’s not far-fetched. 🙂

Sadly, the new assessment loses the art of bleeding thoughts and justification into writing. In this age of keypad typing and no-brainer choices, essay writing blend so many intellectual spices and sensibilities as well. One is obliged to defend a choice within the realms of reason and his penmanship determines the state of mind of the person at one point or another.

It is a surprise that no one from the state-owned University of the Philippines landed on any of the top ten posts. Seven schools occupied the topnotch ranks with Ateneo de Manila Univerisity bagging the highest rank. UP says that the issue of ranking does not matter (really now) and that they have anyways contributed to the system with high-esteemed personalities like Senator Juan Ponce-Enrile, Retire Justice Serafin Cuevas and other politicians who have taken their rightful places in our country’s history.

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Civility and Sanity

Hear No Evil

All of civility depends on being able to contain the rage of individuals.

-Joshua Lederberg

I come from a profession which has suffered greatly because of the lack of civility. Lawyers treat each other poorly and it has come home to haunt them. The public will not tolerate a lack of civility. 

-James E. Rogers

We are all aware of who Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre is and why he figured in the news yesterday and newspaper headlines today as well. He was the private prosecutor who was cited in contempt by the Impeachment Court (courtesy of Madam Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago) for exhibiting disrespect when he covered his ears while the Senator Judge was berating the Prosecution Panel for dropping five of the eight Articles of Impeachment. To spice that up further, when Senator-Judge Jinggoy Estrada asked the private prosecutor why he did such a thing, he blatantly admitted that he was irritated at the lady Senator-Judge’s voice which he described as “shrill”.

Most observers found his reaction to be somehow aggressive and in an act of defiance perhaps due to the fact that the lady Senator-Judge called them “gago” or idiots regarding the issue of the said Articles of Impeachment.

In a tele-novela cultured society like ours, some or majority of us will find this acceptable or perhaps might even sympathize with Atty. Aguirre. But only a few will ascertain that even in the wrath of chaos, civility should be present.

I must agree that the Senator Judge Santiago had her reasons for lecturing the prosecution panel in quite an exasperated manner; here are lawyers slash lawmakers that are expected to know their case very well. They ought to expect some unexpected and always have a contingency plan if needed. The problem here is that the Articles of Impeachment was railroaded in an effort to please someone. How have these 188 signatories read the Articles in a short period of time? The flow of the Impeachment Trial can best describe the flaws and blunder that should have been reconciled in the first place.

I do sympathize with the prosecution panel because it sure is embarrasing to be scolded on national television (live coverage at that) especially that these are gentlemen of a “dignified” stature. No one deserves to be called or accused to be “gago” or an idiot (this was afterwards motioned by Cong. Farinas to be stricken out of record to which the lady senator did not object to) because it is simply not a proper term of usage in a formal proceeding. Then it was this that perhaps got Atty. Aguirre to act in an uncivilized manner by covering his ears every time the Senator-Judge took the podium.

Presiding Officer Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said it right on the basis of the charge of contempt for the private prosecutor. Law practitioners are expected to be in their best behavior always; no matter how uncontrollable the situation is. I hope that this can also be said to the Senator-Judge Santiago since there are times that she could just go a little over the top that most would cease to understand the point she is driving at and instead observe and savor (if not loathe) the emotions she is going through.

I understand that we are a people of emotional “smarts”. We use body language and gesticulations to arrive at a point. Take this for instance: an angry boss confronts his employee about something that he should have done. He says things to describe how disappointed he is over the situation and dragging the anger along, he could spew out some expletives. The message just gets colorful with facial expressions or body language. In the end, we know how the employee reacts; it’s pretty sure that he didn’t digest what he did wrong but instead digested the anger part and most especially the colorful words accented by facial and body expression. In the end, all he understood was that his boss was very mad at him and secretly wishes him evil and things I suppose only God can hear.

On the part of the employee, it could be difficult to simplify and accept the main issue at hand. It would be a god-like display of character to respond to the Devil-of-a-boss in a dignified manner. But this is the challenge: to be sane and civilized even in the most darn-est circumstances. Unfortunately, the pre-civilization behavior got the hold of the private prosecutor and uncontrollably went the wrong way.

Perhaps, this could serve to be a lesson on both sides. Your voice and body language will define if you are worth listening or watching to. Perhaps the distinguished Senator-Judge could use more of anger management to focus on what needs to be conveyed to the other party. As for the Private Prosecutor, he should learn how to take in the cudgels and spit it out in private circumstance.

The Impeachment Trial can be frustrating at times; some show their bias stature, some could be terribly annoying. Only two personalities stand out in this undefined chaos: Defense Counsel Serafin Cuevas and Presiding Officer Senator Juan Ponce Enrile. These two try their best to instill order and fluidity in the process; Defense Counsel never gets tired of using “Your Honor, please…” in addressing the Impeachment Court. As for the Presiding Officer, he tries his best to keep his sanity intact by being quite liberal in granting the prosecution’s requests and candidly reminding them of their duties and responsibilities.

It has been more than a month since this trial began and we await the Defense to prove their case next week. It is funny that outside the courtroom, we have been hearing of  so-called verdicts concerning State-funded universities even when the defense has not presented their case yet. It is just like a teacher punishing an ill-reputed student only after listening to the alleged victim and happened to be the most behaved student in class. this occurrence merely hammers down the reality of our gossip-monging society and hot-blooded culture as well.

One thing is for sure. This trial will be over before Lent (?) and a verdict will be meted out.

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