Posted by: stu robbins | January 1, 2012

Reality Check


***2011 was not significant for material matters. In fact, it gave me more abstracts for me to fathom; thus making me reflect on things that matter more to me. In the early quarter of the year, my mp3 that housed 4 gigabytes of my treasured music (mostly obscure) was literally washed away. Heck, I lost it right before my eyes and it took me a while to realize that I should be sad, really sad. REALITY CHECK!

Earlier than that, my dad gifted me with a trusty and multi-functional netbook; this was his treat since I passed the Teacher Licensure exam September of the previous year. So, i guess it was just more of a move in-move out thing, I suppose.

On the third quarter of the year, I lost the memory on the memory card of a better phone unit that I have. It amounted to 2 gigabytes of photos, videos and song uploads…..sighhhhhhh. REALITY CHECK!

Lastly, the last month of this year got me caught off guard…just last week while using my netbook in the car, the gadget went S-Y-S-T-E-M  R-E-S-T-O-R-E!!!!!! Tadaaaaa! I lost all memory in my netbook; so cool! what a drag!


Okay, so it may seem as if I wasn’t on the best luck this year but really 2011 was all about REALITY CHECKS; making the most out of life and seeing that there is more to life than fiddling and thumbing on gadgets. There was more significance in going out and appreciating nature than checking out facebook, wordpress, youtube and gaming online. Yes, I have suffered much neck pain and fear that if I continue appreciating the techno lifestyle, I would most advance arthritis and old ageeeee (!!!)

Here’s to hoping that reality checks have taken effect in my system.

After all; life ain’t really a bed of roses nor is it a city of either sodom or gomorrah. It’s just a balance of both poles. We are just tiny specks floating through this lifetime. I fear that I may be losing the best and priceless things in life with so many distractions.

Oh 2012, c’mon here and gimme a hug! We’re going to enjoy this uphill-downhill journey together. 😀


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