Posted by: stu robbins | March 1, 2012

Congratulations! :)


The 2011 Bar results are out as of 2pm yesterday, February 29. This marks a radical change on two grounds: the change of venue to the University of Santo Tomas in Espana, Manila from La Salle Taft and the type of assessment in the exams: multiple choice.

Advantages? On hindsight one would say that luck can only define the success of the exam taker. In my field, we were told that if we were uncertain or never knew the answer at all, shade B or C. However, I am pretty sure that the test construction is not so easy as well; that is, the choices are closely related to each other and it would take knowledge, logic and chance to finally decide the answer.

Compared to the essay-type of exam, one who not have to factor in the demeanor or state of mind (?) of the test checker and worry about one’s “legible” penmanship aside from worrying if the question has been answered in a complete and direct-manner, avoiding long-winded responses.

Disadvantages? Oh yeah, what are the chances of a very lucky individual: one who happens to be of mediocre kind and emerges as a topnotcher? It’s not far-fetched. 🙂

Sadly, the new assessment loses the art of bleeding thoughts and justification into writing. In this age of keypad typing and no-brainer choices, essay writing blend so many intellectual spices and sensibilities as well. One is obliged to defend a choice within the realms of reason and his penmanship determines the state of mind of the person at one point or another.

It is a surprise that no one from the state-owned University of the Philippines landed on any of the top ten posts. Seven schools occupied the topnotch ranks with Ateneo de Manila Univerisity bagging the highest rank. UP says that the issue of ranking does not matter (really now) and that they have anyways contributed to the system with high-esteemed personalities like Senator Juan Ponce-Enrile, Retire Justice Serafin Cuevas and other politicians who have taken their rightful places in our country’s history.


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