Posted by: stu robbins | March 4, 2012

Dilemma in denouement

As liberty and intelligence have increased the people have more and more revolted against the theological dogmas that contradict common sense and wound the tenderest sensibilities of the soul.

-Catharine Beecher

Why is it so, that the quality of education we have as a nation has dipped very low that we are close to a de-evolution towards the caveman civilization? Is not it that with the advent of technology, we are bound to be more improved, civilized and content individuals geared towards development and social consciousness?

Take for instance the cellular phone; isn’t this a life-saver if not a convenient tool that makes more complacent our daily lives being abreast about news and events that affect us, be it personal or otherwise? Convenience perhaps has taken itself too far in improving us as individuals. Instead, it has opened an avenue for illicit use of the human intellect and rendered ourselves physically indolent. We have resorted to exercising our fingertips and hands more than its usage when writing in script for, say, taking notes in school or writing a dear friend. We have lost the colorful and sensible expressions both body and mind. The emergence of “text-speak” and “jeje-mon” has corrupted the minds of the emerging youth and do contribute highly to irrational opinions that are mostly expressed with “urhmm,…pwarwang,…sohbrwang,…mhedjioe” and the irritating “gah-nun!, basta yun, yon oh!”. On the delusional attempt to reconcile it with the pop-culture counterpart of the US of A, it’s amusing (but not funny still) that words such as “whatever!, Ayt! (short for alright), Epic Fail, shet or sh-ee-t,” and many more are adapted much to the disdain of the name of civilization.

Yes, could we go write on paper hastily without using “text-speak”? Some could, and not to my surprise, some just couldn’t. Spelling contests should be more prevalent in schools side-by-side Reading and Language.

Many might be surprised to know that a superpower nation that the United States of America is, is not that mighty and superior over the English language as well. The


The emergence of high technology such as the ThinkPad and IPad have made more lazybones out of us. It’s funny that we still have Penmanship as a discipline but as children might ask, “how and when do we apply this in life?”

More than half a century ago, we mistook technology for ally development with the invention of deadly arms and missiles. Our senses were heightened again from the short-stint comforts of the triumph and weariness of World Wars only to find ourselves in another dilemma.

Fast-forward to the present; we are enjoying the life in peace-time but we are not aware of the emergence of another struggle: rationale and sensibilities.

One need not look further. Every where we look, the struggle has left a unique and deceiving imprint to the hapless youth. Pop culture is in the danger of being defined as a factual way of life. The songs we hear on audio devices are just about…nothing unusual; or even if it were unusual, it was just riding on the tide of being normally different just for the spur of the moment. Books are not meant to be read; they are meant to be interpreted by famous artists (who get most of the credit leaving the author an insignificant schmuck). We emulate what the movie screen shows us and what was meant to be a momentary escape has been digested into real life. Sadly, only the poorest of the poor or the underprivileged are the few ones left to deal with the solitude of reality that most have believed in and undertaken.

I do not suggest that we throw technology out of the window; not opting to use the charcoal-ed engined iron or oven. The mind works rationally when the body is challenged, which does not apply when we are stationary albeit working on a “bad-ass” novel that one thinks would blow the life out of everyone.

We cannot dispute the fact that three-fourths of the population are deprived of social justice (this includes education). They may have the means to be sent to educational institutions, just that these do not serve information that is of utmost importance such as probing skills and molding the individual to have common sense. These two, probing skills and common sense are necessary steps to be socially aware of one’s existence and contribute to positive development in all aspects of the nation. We could not endlessly blame officials for undermining their subordinates and consequently commit senseless blunders to the people they are answerable for. It all starts in a proper conversation; a dialogue between someone who wants to pass objective and sensible yet rational ideas for progress.

It is true that on one end, some will argue that we have biological needs such as hunger, need for shelter and human dignity and this is where and what we have lost since the advent of the post-war years: sensitivity. We generally believe that everything our parents have worked for has finally paid off that we don’t have to improve on anything thus making a wreck of what they have given us.

This generation has the comforts of everything. But the past generation is not responsible for this generation’s lack of ability to use their brains and respecting their self-hood. The Blame Culture we have points to news makers and shows that undermine our intellect. As we progressed in history, we have opened our arms to accept the troubled yet taboo culture in the hope of taking away or toning down the destructive aspect it delivers. And sadly, we have been too liberal that society has in turn suffered the confusion of sincerity and sarcasm.

As we progress (or digress), it is a possibility that we may find ourselves turning against us.

It might be time to accept what has been happening and think for the real good of our own.


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