Posted by: stu robbins | March 4, 2012

Me and Myself without I

just us two-face(d) folks

The hours we pass with happy prospects in view are more pleasing than those crowded with fruition.

-Oliver Goldsmith

In this mundane world where we are judged by the friends we keep, the work we have, the income we generate, the gadgets we have, the clothes we wear, the places we have been to, the songs we listen to, our religious beliefs and political stance, it is hard to believe that we are merely living on a rock floating through space.

Everyone has two sides of a face; one resisting change and the other arrested and submissive to change. Me, is always who we present ourselves to others. Myself, is who we are to ourselves alone when no one is around. Everyday is a constant struggle with both always bearing in mind the objective of reconciling inconsistencies. Me would always tell people what would be pleasing to oneself or how it could blend with the whole group. Myself judges Me’s actions at the end of the day or at every silent chance it gets and metes out a judgment that will define Me for the sake of improving oneself. Myself, quietly ensures that Me passes society’s judgment and at the same time aspire for the sublime self.

But at the end of all this confusion is the “I” who seems to be lost in all these humdrum scenarios. Me and Myself are indifferent to “I” because it is the raw and nakedness of both. “I” has existed long before society has become itself. “I” has been long shelved in the dark for unknown fears of Myself and Me. “I” would have been judged by both as socially unacceptable. But perhaps, it can be argued that it would just be Myself and Me’s way of protecting “I” from the harshness of what everything has as it has been presented for what it is.

The foolishness of both has got themselves blind and trapped by a prison they themselves have made. The only contradictions that should exist are biological and physiological in nature. We humans are biologically adaptive to these changes and it is ironic how we irrationally create scenarios and human conditions, that should have not existed at all, that we continue to struggle against up to this day.

“I” silently and patiently waits for both to acknowledge and accept its existence. Unfortunately, reaching out to “I” requires deep and delicate understanding that has been blurred by the shallowness made. “I” bring out the truth and reason of our existence. Me and Myself, having accepted fear, wishes not to be stripped of the mundane.

It is only after both have opened their eyes and understood will they be able to finally accept “I” into existence.


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