Posted by: stu robbins | March 15, 2012

Baaad Taste

bad taste

Dear Inquirer,

Your people have fathers too. If this was done to your fathers how would you have felt? It is obvious and a fact that this person, Mr. Demetrio Vicente suffered and survived a stroke. Why the montage? Why the blow-up of pictures? What’s the point anyway of “the many faces…” ? Have you never thought of the implications of your actions? Saying that these were the only pictures that you had is a lame excuse. Everyone has a choice especially you in print media who has the heavier responsibility of publishing non-biased judgments and news.

Yes, I agree that he is no ordinary witness. He is not ordinary since he is not a typical government official or worker. He is not ordinary because he is some Juan Dela Cruz. Obviously, you have pointed out to us what your stand is on the impeachment trial. What happened to your duty and responsibility of being the bearer of news?

Thanks to you, sirs. It’s not fun in the Philippines with Yellow Journalism at its best.




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