Posted by: stu robbins | June 7, 2012


An avalanche of thoughts come and go. Some are candid but interestingly worth remembering. It is just unfortunate that I tend to get caught in sudden life mishaps, a.k.a, distractions that it is only rare that I acquire the chance to contemplate on the lucky handful I get.

If you wake up one day and no one in the world believes you, go back to bed.

My body can repair itself just as it has the choice to decide on what kind of happiness and contentment it wants to have.

I smile at all the wonderful things going on in my life, whether good or bad because both comprise my existence.

I choose to be happy.


I was teaching my kid on the computer one day about the atmosphere and the layers that it consists of. While browsing for a short, creative yet comprehensive video lecture on this, I came across a video from BBC; a short documentary-cum-lecture on the layers of the atmosphere. It fascinates me to learn the topic as the commentator did subject himself to flying at various heights and super sonic speed to point out which layer is which. However, he went only as far as the further layer of the stratosphere. Amid the blue skies was  black or a bluish-black sky that may seem to be outer space but not yet. He was ecstatic, admiring the beauty and stillness of the infinite above.

The documentary continued to narrate that sometime in the 60s, a pilot, supervised by the NASA, went as far as the mesosphere through a giant hot air balloon designed for the mission. He went way beyond the stratosphere and entered the mesosphere which he described as consisting of very thin air. But strangest thing that happened was when the pilot went for a free fall from the hot air balloon he was in and plummeted back to the earth’s surface. He was able to maneuver himself back safe to land yet what he described seemed to be a spectacular observation as well to me.

The pilot described the thin air that got thinner as he went going up but while he was taking the dive back to the surface, he felt nothing; his garments were not rippling, neither was his skin. It was eerie as he was not hearing anything like the gush of air through his ears. It was only after that he thought that afar, the earth just seemed to be a very small place in this universe. His thoughts were the same as mine as I watched.

I felt as if I were up on that mission; suddenly, the noise and confusion around me where vacuumed afar. I just thought how great it would have been to be on that flight, that such few seconds of oblivion would be a realization of our world and our existence as well that will last for a lifetime. I feel envious of that pilot but at the same time, for sure he shares this experience not for some earth science or quantum physics; he would as much want us to be up there for that few life-changing seconds to momentarily pull us away from the many things we envisioned but in the end only fell captive for if only to put us in a realization that most of the objectives we have set are miniscule in nature.


The dishes that need to be done; the people we need to take care of; the money that has to be earned. These are only a miniscule of our existence. We don’t have any one to blame for these, not even oneself. The human body may be mere physical matter but the spirit that drives the organs inside to function is eternal. Our state of consciousness lie on everything superficial as it parallels itself to old skin that being the upper layer crusts off to give in to a new one. It then levels on things temporary, matters that are ethereal. Majority of us are in a state of consciousness that do not induce a puncture to shake up the entire system. It is something we are used to, thus take refuge in its humdrum cycle. Everything in it is superficial; the problems, the successes, the surge of happiness, the illness, the embarrassment, the should and should not’s, the will and will not’s, the everything and nothing’s,…its existence are merely temporary and will soon fade.


When one talks, he hears himself aside from the surroundings he is superficially aware of that sometimes he finds as amusing, then fascinating. One gets lost easily, discovering more “me” than “I”. An acquaintance once posted a strange but true quote on her social network page that we need more listeners than speakers. It may be effectively as simple as listening to people and learning from them but could have a deeper meaning of listening to oneself within and acknowledging the existence of the surroundings. For it is in listening that one can seek the answers just as a simple classroom lecture routine is.


The last free men of the world.

At the turn of the decade, a group of environmentalists discovered a small community in the middle of the deep Amazon forest. The small group were seemingly perplexed and on a defensive stance when the helicopter carrying the environmentalists hurled its way on a remote distance enough to get zoomed images of the community. A representative of the group told reporters that it was enough that only a few people knew where they lived so as not to violate or desecrate their existence. They were perceived to have scant or no knowledge of the world the goes beyond the jungle and Amazon rivers. They also feared that the discovery of their location by capitalists through illegal loggers and miners might as well be the beginning of the community’s end.

Yes, the caption bearing the word “free” is true. They are free from taxes, capitalist ideas, society’s compulsion for them to be like every one else: zombies. From our end, one can take pity at their plight, having no knowledge of the comforts of technology or of technological advances in machines that would make life easier and convenient. But in all actuality, is that just so? Or should it be added that they are not aware that information can be easily grasped in a matter of seconds; that what is happening right now in 8 major cities around the world is possible to be known by an individual? Better yet, they are the last to know the popularity of so and so and the brawl between blank and blah. With our fast paced and ever-changing civilization, what is there to know and be aware of, really?

Possibilities are limitless; and we should permit ourselves to accept this.


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