Posted by: stu robbins | July 26, 2012


Every one believes in a thing or two and could explain (by whatever means necessary) why he or she is bound to such beliefs. Scientists have basis, while philosophers use abstract reasoning. It is in these that we are conceptualizing beings capable of creating and manifesting what we believe in. Scientists utilize physics while philosophers make use of metaphysics.

While it is best to fortify our truths surrounding a belief, it is best to understand the contradictory reasons and strengthen our bases. We have come to a questioning society that instead of validating what we believe in, coach the other side to defend its bases aggressively. What point would it make to question out loud when we should be silently doing this? A person will not be able to acquire self-learning and understanding if he is not rid of negative residue from the superficial self. Instead, we end up contradictory to what we aspire for; that is, answers.


It is a noisy world we now have. With the advent of fast-paced and ever-changing technology, one’s innate being is on the brink of its existence. Being civil and proper are qualities that are close to extinction since we are overcome by all things shiny, colorful and splendid-looking that manifests itself in various forms of distractions. How do our young fare? Have their vocabulary broadened scholastically or morphed into a hill-billy trend? How do they gather facts? Through search portals that anyone can contribute based on what they think should be written without succinct basis supported by definitive research? How do they express themselves? With statements that disregard proper elocution and form of speech (i.e, more often than not, in a interrogative tone when in fact the person was stating a declarative one) and through acronyms that would leave those who could not understand such foolishness as stupid and left out.


Watch the movie IDOCRACY by Mike Judge; worth recommending and watching as well. This movie is entertaining and self-criticizing as well of ourselves and of what worse future is in store for our children’s children if we continue to with our selfish ways.






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